10 responsive web design tips [infographic]

Every folks may know about Responsive design, So When we start designing responsive website, then we will find many issues regarding. So here is an infographic showing #10 tips on how to build responsive website. Reading this infographic before starting your design will save a lot of time.

This interactive infographic is created by Splio . A big thank you to Splio Team. You can follow Splio on twitter

10 responsive web design tips [infographic]


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  • Fabian

    Step #9 is total bullshit.
    There is a study that users want to find the same content on mobile and desktop-versions AND non-the-less hiding the content via display: none doesnt bring you anything except a bad surfing-experience. You still have to load the content that you cant access then. Thinking of mobile-web-access as a 56k: nobody would have used display: none in the earlier days where sites needed 5 minutes to load. not a good idea. still: most of the tips are okay.

    • At-least we can hide those irritating ads.. Also its good to load components via jquery to reduce page load.