• Samad


    Can I have the PSD file of the bg image PLS?



  • tsymbal

    Check out another powerful jquery snowfall plug-in http://sneg.tsymbal.su/

  • Crawn

    How can I make it snow inside a specific div?

    • web3canvas

      instead of $(document) Use $('#DivID')

  • Moriancumer

    Hi I have a problem in mobile devices this plugin shows two or more times the image background, how can I fix this? thanks is a great plugin

    • web3canvas


      Open style.css and in body { class, change background size to “cover”

  • David Tsui
    • web3canvas

      Was working fine for me.

      • David Tsui

        Oops, maybe what you’ve seen is the no snowfall version.
        Let me try it again…