Christmas Snow Falling Jquery and CSS3

Merry Christmas to all of our readers. Today I’m sharing and awesome free Christmas snow falling plugin with jquery and CSS3.  With Jason’s plugin, you can add falling snow flakes to your website in easy steps. This Christmas, Wish your website visitors with this amazing jquery snow fall plugin.

Thanks to Jason Brown for a wonderful Plugin. This Code is Developed/Liscensed by Jason Brown for any bugs or questions email him at [email protected]

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  • Samad


    Can I have the PSD file of the bg image PLS?



  • tsymbal

    Check out another powerful jquery snowfall plug-in

  • Crawn

    How can I make it snow inside a specific div?

    • instead of $(document) Use $('#DivID')

  • Moriancumer

    Hi I have a problem in mobile devices this plugin shows two or more times the image background, how can I fix this? thanks is a great plugin

    • Hi,

      Open style.css and in body { class, change background size to “cover”

  • David Tsui
    • Was working fine for me.

      • David Tsui

        Oops, maybe what you’ve seen is the no snowfall version.
        Let me try it again…

  • hiep

    I need one cai như này, làm được không, làm cho site hình ảnh buồn

  • This script doesn’t work with jquery 1.11.3. Here’s the error:

    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function(anonymous function) @ (index):937

    Is there a fix? I really want to use this but would rather not revert to an older jq version.

  • Hi, can the script be modified to make the snow fall straight down a y axis instead of floating side to side?

    • If you know Javascript, you can easily change the source code to make it as you like.