• Waqas

    I’m working on wordpress, I want to remove the size of thumbnail (suffix) from image name to serve full size images at retina display. I believe after hacking above code will help me to achieve it. Please help.

    image-300×200.jpg to image.jpg

    • web3canvas

      You should do with PHP

  • Antonio Martinez

    I followed the the steps outline here but my @2x images aren’t be switched in? I checked the source and the path isn’t showing up like is says here “” What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Artur Ampilogov

    There is problem with solution. Retina display users will download both versions of the image, it is wasteful of bytes. There is a solution http://stackoverflow.com/a/19443428/304371
    You can update your script.

  • Yves

    The slider on this page is irritating, it keeps pushing this page up and down…

    • web3canvas

      Sorry, you have an issue. Will remove that 🙂