Today, the world is so busy that neither there is time to think about each other nor do people think about what is right or wrong. People are just doing things and ensuring that they get the desired output no matter what procedure they are following. A person with a little bit of consciousness will sit for a while and think about what is good and bad. But we find these people very rarely.

Like every other aspect, even SEO is being manipulated by many website owners to keep their website on the top and get rated number one. Even though they succeed in their attempts, how far can they continue like this? The main purpose of SEO is lost if website owners misuse the facility. The actual website owner who is really worthy will also lose since their competitors are running behind success. Seeing others, even people with good principles will take a chance of manipulating SEO.

SEO, when expanded, is search engine optimization. When a user inputs his keyword, the search engine checks all the websites and provides the links containing the required information. The main criteria behind rating websites are by a number of users clicking or choosing a particular website for information. The number of clicks, the more popular the website becomes and normally it will come to the top position.

Before proceeding towards the good techniques of SEO, let us first know what is bad?

SEO Techniques to be avoided:

Duplication of work: When we browse the websites, we get attracted towards some links due to its content or presentation, etc. Some website owners take this liking as a base and try to copy other person’s work and display it on their website. Copying it completely or duplicating the work is totally wrong because you will be cheating the person who has originally written the concept.

Encouraging pay per clicks: This is a paid service. You will be paying the web users for every click he does for the advertisement placed on your website. Like said before the more number of clicks, the more popular the website becomes. Actually, this is one of the ways to increase the SEO. But many website owners are making wrong use of it. You are tempting them by offering money, and unknowingly they are forced to click the website which is wrong.

SEO techniques to be practiced:

These are also called white hat SEO techniques and should be practiced by everyone to have a clean and worthy SEO. Everyone has a right to get credit for his work and supporting him/her in their work is a good practice.

Own content: Well, you can take advice or guidance from the content written by other people. Representation of the content in your own words or explaining the concept in your style is advisable instead of copying other’s work as it is.

Pay per clicks: This technique of increasing SEO has to be utilized only for some time. Additional use will misguide the web users. This technique can be used only to create awareness among the public. Once you feel awareness has been created, you should discontinue this technique.

Linking of websites: The website owner should concentrate on their linking structure to get more viewership. Normally, when people click on the link of their choice, they expect the link to open immediately and provide the required information. If this does not happen, they get irritated and do not have time to wait for the website to provide information. So, they opt for other websites. Now, this is a loss for you. If your website linking structure were good, this would not have happened. So, a link structure and its regular maintenance is important.

Naming of websites: Ensure that you name your website based on your theme. This will help the user to identify your website and choose it In future viewing. Check whether the name is not the same as others.

Presentations of your website: This is a very important aspect. To attract a viewer, you need to concentrate on your presentations. Make it interesting and keep changing the look without disturbing your website theme. Prove your creativity in writing content by choosing good ways of presenting your theme.

Make your website user-friendly: Whatever content you are placing, ensure that it is divided into various pages according to the title. Provide signs to help the user to proceed towards next page for information. Link your web pages in chronological order or as per the flow of information.

Don’t fill the webpage with images: Even though placing graphics and images in webpage attracts the user, never practice presenting more images then required. Too many images confuse the user and they may lose interest in the website and may choose another website.

Link yourself with a genuine website: Suppose you want your website to be viewed by everyone, you have an option of linking your website along with a popular website. Of course, with the permission of that website owner. So, anyone viewing the popular website will try to view your website also in search of information. But ensure that the popular website is practicing good SEO techniques in promoting its website. Any wrong or misbehavior from the popular website, even your website will be affected.

Encourage advertisements: Always encourage advertisements of other products related to your theme. For instance: if your theme is related to education, encourage advertisements related to education such as stationery, schools, etc. Anything other than this may not suite the theme. If placing the advertisement will fetch you money, placing a wrong advertisement which is mismatching with your theme will not do anything good to you. Because a user opening site containing details regarding education would expect related advertisements.

Author Bio

Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO consultant with over 19 years’ experience in the industry. He runs Derek Iwasiuk’s White label SEO services, a highly informative blog providing SEO tutorials. He is also an investor in tech start-ups.