Losing data from a site that is either live or in development can be frustrating at best, or could completely destroy your business and open you up to litigation at worst. This is why making sure that you limit the risk of losing important website information and having a plan in case the inevitable happens is so important. Let’s take a look at some of the possible cures and preventative measures you should take against website data loss.

How to Prevent Data Loss

Prevention should be your first line of defense against permanent data loss. One of the simplest things you could do is start by opening a Gmail account if you don’t have one already. The reason for this is because there are tons of different tools out there that will send scheduled backups of your database directly to your email automatically.

Don’t rely solely on the cloud either. Make sure that you keep local copies of your files on your computer or an external drive if you have one. Make sure that you back up your website locally whenever you make changes. You could even double up on security by having your hard drive back up automatically somewhere else as well.

If you’re advanced, know that Amazon Web Services also have tons of great backup features that you can use. But we warn you, their services aren’t for amateurs, so this might not be the most convenient option for you.

What You Should Do if You Have Suffered Data Losses

If you come back to your site and you notice that there are critical database errors, or that your website has simply disappeared, you have to first check if it isn’t caused by something you might’ve done. It’s quite common for WordPress blogs, for instance, to stop functioning once you install a new plug in, so first check if it’s not caused by another issue.

If you’re 100% sure that the website is gone, you might have to roll out your most recent backup, even if it means losing some changes. Another thing you could do is contact your host; they will usually have a backup of your website stored somewhere as well, but it might cost you extra, so be prepared for that.

Dealing with Data Losses During Development

Losing data during the development stage can be one of the most frustrating things ever. This could be caused by physical damage to your hard drive, hard drive issues, or maybe you erased some important files by accident.

Thankfully there are many data recovery services like Secure Data Recovery that can help you retrieve files you have erased or lost because of damage or malfunction. You can send your hard drive to a company like Secure Data Recovery and they will examine it to see if they can retrieve your files. This could be a lifesaver if you were working on a very important project, so make sure that you consider the option if something like this ever happens.

Website data loss can be very serious and shouldn’t be something to be taken lightly. Make sure that you take all the steps necessary to prevent losses and know what to do in case you end up becoming a victim.