Today, we have a ton of libraries and frameworks with which you can build your dashboards. One of the most powerful is ReactJS. With React you can build very attractive web applications, user interfaces and administration panels in no time.

Because this JavaScript Library allows you to break down the components, you can create a single page application with minimal coding. With that in mind, these React Themes are worth it.

ReactJS helps you create an impressive user interface to improve the speed of web applications. The admin panels built with ReactJS are perfectly advanced, simple & reliable.

In the same way, this tool makes website maintenance tasks much simpler and easier. With these amazing ReactJS admin templates, you can speed up your development process and save a lot of time and money.

Also, the admin area is no less important than the frontend pages. Both must be fully responsive, mobile first, and easy to use. With these templates, achieving those goal is possible and easier.

So, take a look at these amazing React admin dashboard templates and get your web application projects off the ground!

MaterialPro React Redux with Hooks Admin


WrapPixel has one of the magnificent react admin template that is extremely helpful in creating an engaging user interface about the application or a website. As MaterialPro React Redux Admin is based on React framework, modular design, and SaSS Base CSS, it boosts up the experience for the users with flexibility, fully responsiveness, customization options and powerhouse for creativity.

Moreover, it offers a bundle of features, elements, components, widgets, and tools to enhance the user experience. This particular react responsive design template uses Webpack & Babel compiler along with the Bootstrap 4 framework. It is a minimal template that is built with the modular design principles.

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Dandelion Pro

This template has 10+ email templates for newsletters, promotions, transactions, and user notification. Dandelion Pro is built to provide the best solution for your web application interface.

So, it uses the most popular technologies including Redux, Material UI, ReactJS, Webpack, JSS, and React Router. Although these technologies are valuable, Dandelion Pro ensures that it works well on different devices and in any modern browser.

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React Isomorphic

It is one of the impressive, professional and elegant React admin templates that we have collected for you. React Isomorphic will help you get started building a new one-page application in React – no need to install or configure tools.

This administration template will help you write applications that behave or function consistently in different environments and is easy to test. Thanks to the Redux & Redux Saga, achieving that goal is very possible.

Also, React Isomorphic is a great tool to build your next website with its server-side rendering and static web applications via Next.js.

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Ample React Dashboard Template

When you are looking for flexibility, out of the box modern design with a variety of features and components, Ample React Dashboard can be considered as your prime choice. This react modern design template is based on the React-Redux framework, modular design, and SaSS base CSS. It offers fully responsive pages that empower the stunning look of the user interface fulfilling the needs of the users.

This react admin dashboard theme also provides customization options, clean landing pages, demos, page templates, font icons, color schemes, integrated plugins, variants in dashboards, UI elements and above all authenticity to diversify the uniqueness of design, functionality and influential features.

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Clean UI

Build great apps and make your dashboards more efficient and powerful when you choose CleanUI. CleanUI is one of the best and most dynamic admin templates you can find on ThemeForest. Contains 8 ready-to-use templates with different design styles. With this template, you can purchase different versions of the dashboard, including Bootstrap, React, Angular, and Vue.

This template will help you build a highly polished and scalable admin application built with the ReactJS and Redux framework. With CleanUI, you have 40+ pages, 15+ app pages, 80+ user interface features, and other awesome components to build an exceptional and useful template you’ve always dreamed of.

By having this admin template for your web applications, you will have amazing code consistency and high productivity with the well-documented codes you use. With the multi-language support feature, you can greatly increase your reach.

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Gogo React

Here’s Gogo for these React admin dashboard templates that have a wonderful combination of good design, quality code, and detail-oriented. Gogo is packed with useful components, layouts, apps, themes, and other items.

Basically, this template has 4 boards, 10 color schemes, 3 apps, 2 menu panels, and so many features that you should evaluate. This admin template also uses impressive frameworks and libraries to improve the performance of the template.

These include Webpack, Reactstrap, React Router Dom, React, Firebase, and more. Since it is essential that your application is responsive, this admin template is made with an extra responsive design.

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Develop an attractive user interface that similarly improves application speed with Primer. It’s a creative material design and administration template that is built for React and stands out from these React admin control panel templates.

Also, to help you build a single page web application without refreshing the page, this admin template uses the React router.

That’s not all, this template also uses LTR / RTL support for a flexible and effective admin panel. Currently, this template comes with Calendar, Media, Messages, Social and Chat apps. Also, it has a ton of widgets and materials that are definitely useful and powerful.

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Boss Ultimate


The dashboard layout of your web applications is as important as the applications themselves. Therefore, you need to make sure that the dashboards you use will help you manage your web application well.

Here’s Boss Ultimate, one of the nifty and professional React admin panel templates we’ve selected for your web applications. It has 2 versions of boards that you can choose from.

Whichever of the two you choose can guarantee a professional looking dash. This template is based on the React and Redux JavaScript library. Therefore, it will help you create a clean and modern design along with great performance for your applications.

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Jumbo React

One of the best reasons you need to consider ReactJS is that it is simple and easy to learn, in addition to its flexibility. With that in mind, you can browse through these React admin templates and see which one you like best.

Here’s Jumbo React, a powerful admin template that uses the Bootstrap 4 framework and Material UI. Jumbo React contains 7 great and practical dashboards.

You can use it for encryption, listing, CRM, intranet, e-commerce, news, and others. Additionally, this admin template contains 300+ UI components, 130+ well-designed pages, 150+ widgets and metrics, 6 navigation styles, and 6 built-in apps.

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Build outstanding user interfaces by choosing one of these templates from the React admin dashboard. Fuse is a complete React admin template that follows Google Material Design guidelines.

It uses the Material UI as the main UI library, while using the Redux framework for state management. Apparently, this template contains numerous applications: calendar, e-commerce, academy, mail, everything, contact, chat and more. Fuse also comes with over 20 pages to help you create and manage your applications.

This admin template has multiple layout management built in for different layout options. If you want to choose the color you like the most, you can choose from the color presets that this template offers.

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Xtreme React Redux Hooks Admin

Xtreme React Admin Template

Do you have a bunch of commercial projects to be completed before the timeline? Well, here is one of the most versatile react admin templates open-source that does it all for you in the stipulated timeframe. Xtreme React Redux Admin is dynamic and offers a variety of promising features that saves a lot of time in development from scratch. It is based on React with the Redux framework, minimal design.

This premium react admin template offers fully responsive pages, flexibility, tons of features readily available that simplify your complex requirements of modern apps handy for the users. You get along dashboards, page templates, font icons, color schemes, landing pages, UI elements, and the list goes on. You can readily purchase this template now and get superior command over all your projects.

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Now, you can choose those one of the best react admin templates from the list to get a better online business solution.