• http://webdesigntunes.com Suzanna

    Thanks for update and the awesome plugin!

    • http://www.web3canvas.com Web3Canvas

      You are welcome

  • Triskelion Advies

    hi, the last part of the code doesnt work, the script doesnt close properly, how can I change it?

    // somewhere in your code after html page load hideTwitterBoxElements(); });
    // ]]>

    • web3canvas

      Hi, you can remove the commented part from the script. i have updated the code. or you can download the source for reference

      • Triskelion Advies

        Thanx, gonna try this and let you know

      • Triskelion Advies

        it worked. But what makes the ticker run? I now only have 1 tweet

        • web3canvas

          Sorry. ticker is not available with this script.

  • Glenn Crocker

    I ran into trouble with $ and switched all instances to jQuery, which worked. For example: $(window).load(function() became jQuery(window).load(function() etc. for all $