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Merry Christmas to all. For this Christmas, you can also add Snow falling to your own websites easily by doing simple steps as described below. This Cross Browser compatible Snow falling is created through Jquery and CSS3. This will work on all major Browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, IE 9, IE 8, Opera. So let us welcome your customers through this fantastic Snow falling effect.

Did you remember Snow falling effect by Google by typing “Let it Snow”. With that effect Google got lot of appreciation from their clients. So are you ready to amaze your Customers/Clients on this Christmas ?

Let us Start.

First Download these resources to start over

Jquery Plugin : Download 

Snowfall Plugin  : Download from

First Copy downloaded jquery files in to “js” folder of your website. then add the below code to your head section of Homepage.

Then Copy the below Script under closing of body tag.

That’s it. You are Done. Now Save/Upload your files to Server and Run. Was’nt it Amazing ??

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Thanks to Jason Brown for a wonderful Plugin.
This Code is Developed/Liscensed by Jason Brown for any bugs or questions email him at loktar69@hotmail